• The Old Saimin House has been a family tradition since 1962.
  • Simple and delectable comfort food...
  • ...warming the hearts and stomachs of islanders for years.
  • Our BBQ beef sticks are as well-known as our saimin.
  • We offer a delicious fried saimin...
  • ...as well as fried udon.
  • We also specialize in a fried Okinawan soba.
  • A great place for lunch or dinner.
  • This is localized soup for the soul.
  • Stop by The Old Saimin House soon!

The Old Saimin House specializes in old-fashioned saimin. Simple and delectable comfort food, this is localized soup for the soul, warming the hearts and stomachs of islanders for years. It's a great meal for lunch or dinner, and a great snack after a football game or movies. A great accompaniment to the broth-based noodles is the BBQ beef sticks, best eaten hot off the grill. The menu also extends to wun tun min, udon, fried saimin, fried udon and fried Okinawan soba along with a combination plate with prices that are reasonably priced.
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